Vin cuit de Provence

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Produced according to the Provençal tradition, vin cuit is a natural sweet wine cooked over a wood fire in a copper cauldron for 12 hours, then set aside in oak barrels for several years. Emblematic of Christmas celebrations, it is ideal with the 13 Provençal desserts but can also be paired with foie gras or cheese.

Made the old-fashioned way and presented in a very slender 50-cl bottle with an original design.


Traditional Provençal beverage, made the old-fashioned way. Cooked over a wood fire in a copper cauldron for 10 hours, which gives it notes of quince and a smoky taste.
Fermentation and ageing in barrels for 4 to 5 years.
With age, it will develop sweet flavours of candied fruit.


Appetizers, foie gras, strong cheeses (blue-veined)
Desserts: chocolate-based desserts, the traditional 13 desserts celebrating Christmas in Provence

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