Marc de Provence

Eau de vie



Marc’ is the alcohol distilled using the stalks of all our grapes.

This Marc de Provence eau de vie is distilled as soon as the marc is delivered in order to extract all the aromatic and gustatory qualities. The distilled alcohol, called ‘Marc‘ in Provence, is aged in new oak barrels first to extract the colour, and then in older oak barrels to soften the alcohol.

CHARACTERISTICS: Aged in oak barrels to soften the alcohol. The ageing gives the marc aromas ranging from gingerbread to caramelised almonds and dried fruit.
The range of our different grape varieties provides unique complexity and elegance.
TASTING TIPS: Trou Provençal (local sorbet dessert), lime desserts, gingerbread, cocktails and after-dinner liqueurs.


Grande Réserve rosé wine tasting by Adeline de Barry

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Grape varieties

Grenache, Syrah, Carignan, Mourvèdre, cinsault , Rolle, clairette…




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