Château de Saint-Martin Cellar

At the crossroads of technical expertise & experience

We are lucky enough to have two cellars:

The Winemaking Cellar

Our ultra-modern winemaking cellar, with its stainless steel vats, built in Monomur bricks, provides extremely effective natural thermal insulation.

The Ageing Cellar

Built by the monks in the 12th and 16th centuries, our underground cellar, with its vats carved into the rock, allows wines to be aged at a constant cool temperature year round, and a barrel cellar for ageing certain reds and vin cuit.

Gravity-fed Cellar & Thermoregulation

A fully gravity-fed cellar 
We avoid the intensive use of pumps, which upset and damage wines

More and more precise work on the wines thanks to the independent thermoregulation of each tank: the most is made of the aromatic potential of the grapes

Work in the cellar

Work in micro-vats with subsequent blending

Sulphite levels 2 times lower than the legal standard


We have our own bottling line, which allows us to reach our objectives of high standards right down to the labelling details, and to be extra responsive in meeting our customers’ needs.