Bulles de Rosé



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Our traditional method: Cinsault, Syrah

Ideal for parties, festive occasions with appetizers, or paired with a dessert, Bulles de Rosé is the result of a quality Champagne method using our rosé wine. Elegant bubbles with complex aromas

CHARACTERISTICS: Aged on racks for 12 months before commercialisation
Colour: raspberry pink
Notes of red fruit, cherry and raspberry
Fine, regular bubbles, nice length

TASTING TIPS: For parties and festive occasions with appetizers, fresh fruit soup, fruit charlotte, almond cake, chocolate fondant

Additional information

Winemaking process

Early ripening and night-time harvest to maintain sufficient acidity and aromas, Low-temperature alcoholic fermentation Wine is left to rest for 3 months before bottling, then a second fermentation in the bottle, according to the truly traditional method, Aged on racks for 12 months (longer than regulatory criteria to guarantee higher quality) before being put on the market.

Grape varieties

Cinsault, Syrah


75-cl satin bottle, Silver and Pink cap and label Elegant, trendy presentation



. REPORT: High-quality, festive, pleasure wine. Nice raspberry colour, lots of freshness
. VINS de PROVENCE: Fine bubbles, an appealing nose of red fruit, sweet on the palate, dominant cherry flavour. Fresh and fruity, quality rosé, fine bubbles…
. Cuisine Actuelle – December 2009: Bulles de Rosé® “feminine and delicate … persistent, fine bubbles… ”
. Dussert Gerber Wine Guide


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